How can I edit/disconnect my Payoneer e-mail address from the withdrawal request page?

Unfortunately you cannot "edit", "delete" or "cancel" the Payoneer withdrawal e-mail address on italki.  Also, you cannot "edit", "delete" or "cancel" Bank Transfers via Payoneer.  The only way to change your Payoneer information is to contact Payoneer and have them do it for you.  Details are below.
As the Payoneer system connects your e-mail address with italki account to issue your payment securely, we are not able to provide an "edit" button as we do for the other payment methods. The other payment methods are not connected in the same way.
You might need to change your connected Payoneer e-mail address if you:
  • want to change to a different account 
  • want to disconnect an incorrect account
In both situations, the first step will be to contact Payoneer customer support to change your account information. This is because your Payoneer account information is all managed within the Payoneer system and not on italki.
Step 1:
Before you contact Payoneer, you should prepare:
1. Your personal italki ID (you can find it on your profile link - if the link is then the ID is 12345), 
2. The currently-connected Payoneer email address
3. The new or correct e-mail address. 
Step 2:
Contact Payoneer with the information above, and ask them to disconnect your account from italki.
Here's a link where you can reach Payoneer customer service support:
We also suggest making a phone call to Payoneer customer support if it's available and convenient: 
Within the United States* (6:00am-6:00pm EST Mon-Fri)
Outside the United States* (6:00am-6:00pm EST Mon-Fri)
Within the United Kingdom (6:00am-6:00pm EST Mon-Fri)
Step 3:
After you receive email confirmation that Payoneer has disconnected your account, you must contact italki support so that we can update the change in our system. Please e-mail italki at for this procedure or contact us through our support form.
Step 4:
Add the updated Payoneer account to italki.
 Once italki has updated the change, then you will need to "create an account or connect" Payoneer with your italki account, just as you did in the first time.
For details on how to "create an account or connect" Payoneer on italki, click here.
If you simply want to disconnect/cancel your Payoneer account with italki, you only need to contact Payoneer for this operation; you do not need to contact italki to update anything afterward. Then your Payoneer withdrawal record will go back to the original default status without any Payoneer account e-mail. 
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