New Teaching Profile Updates (April 28, 2017)

Notice a difference? Now your teaching profile has a new look!

Updates (April 28, 2017):


1. Teacher Video Introduction

Your video has been moved to the top of your profile. It will be easier for students to see and hear from you!


Did you know that you can choose the "cover" picture or "thumbnail" for your video?

Learn how: How to add or change video thumbnail on YouTube?


2. Booking Options Box

Now, the "Book Trial Lesson", "Schedule Lesson", and "Contact Teacher" buttons stay on the right side of the page when students are viewing your profile, even as they scroll down. This means students always have the option of booking your lessons.

3. Teacher Status

"Teacher Availability Status" has been moved to the middle of the page (between your written introduction and your courses).

No need to go to your teacher settings; now you can update your Teacher Status on your profile directly!

Use this to

  • Set availability status as "I'm looking for new students" or "I'm not looking for new students".
  • Write a short "Availability Status Description" to let students know if you are available or why you are unavailable. They will be able to read this on your profile.


Green means you are looking for new students! They can book your lessons.

Red means you are not looking for new students. Only your current or previous students can book your lessons.

To edit your Teacher Status, just click the "pencil" icon.


Now, choose your Availability Status (looking for new students or not) and set your Availability Status Description.


Remember to SAVE your changes!




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