How can italki promote my video introduction to new students?

Your video introduction is one of the best ways for new students to get a quick idea of what you and your lessons will be like! If you allow italki to share your video, we can use it to promote you to students through our own media channels as well as on other video hosting sites. It depends on what you want!

Be sure that your video follows italki Video Guidelines and Requirements.

FAQ: How do I make a teaching video introduction?


There are two ways that you can share your video introduction with italki:


1. Uploading your video file to italki (beta)

Note: This feature is still being tested. Some teachers will see this option in their teacher profile settings, but it is not yet available for all teachers. 

What do I need to know about this method?

When you upload your video file to italki, you give us permission to upload your video to other video hosting sites for you. This allows us to share your video with students from all over the world, including students from countries like China which cannot view Youtube.

Students from these countries will be able to view your video introduction and full profile on the localized versions of the italki website, and italki will be able to upload your video to video hosting sites to share with these students as well.

Here is what you will agree to when you upload your video directly to italki:

  • We’ll use your video to promote your teacher profile to students who cannot view YouTube or similar sites.
  • By submitting your video to italki, you acknowledge that you agree to italki's Terms of Service. Please be sure not to violate others' copyright or privacy rights. Learn more
  • File size may not exceed 500 MB

What video file should I use?

The best way is actually to download your video file from YouTube (as mp4) and upload that file to italki. This is because the file size will be smaller than using your original file. The size limit for uploads is 500 MB.



You can also use the local file that you created when you made your video. 

To upload your video to italki, simply go to Teacher Settings > Edit Profile > Teacher Profile Information (


After you have uploaded the video to italki, it may take about 10-15 minutes to process. After that, you will see a preview of the video.


What if I want to remove my video later?

If you decide later that you want to remove the video, you just need to delete it from your teacher profile. We will no longer have permission to use your video, and will also remove it from any other sites where we have uploaded the video. This removal process will take 7 working days. 


2. Adding your video link to your profile

When you complete your online teaching application, you'll be prompted to add a link to your teaching video introduction. You will need to first upload your video introduction to Youtube (or a similar video-hosting service) and then paste the link to your video in your teaching application. Check the link below for detailed instructions.

If you want italki to share the link to your video through our media channels, please make sure that you:

  • Give the video a title including your name, language you teach, and "italki".
    • Example: "Learn [language] with [your name] on italki"
  • Set your video to "Public" and not "Unlisted"
  • Link to your teacher profile in the Youtube description.
    • (The URL format is where xxxxxxx is your user ID)
  • Optional (but very good!): Add subtitles to your video so students can understand more easily.

See a list of previously featured video introductions that we were able to share with students.

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