How much should I charge for my teaching lessons?

Setting initial prices

As a teacher on italki, you are able to set your own price for teaching a language. When students view your courses, they will probably take into account:

  • Other teachers' pricing
  • Your experience outside of italki
  • Your experience on italki
  • Your student feedback and reputation

A good strategy for new teachers (for the first 5 or so lessons)

  • Start off with a lower initial price in order to get a good set of students and gain good feedback/reviews. Most students are unwilling to pay relatively high prices for new teachers that do not have an established teaching record, so the most important thing is for you to establish this reputation.
  • Ask your students to give you a detailed review of what they really thought of your lesson so that other students can see how you might help them, too.
  • As you gain students, experience and a better reputation, you can (and should!) raise your prices.

Many successful teachers on italki have used this strategy.


Raising Your Prices

Once you you feel it's time to raise your rates, it's important to take into account:

    • How much preparation do you need to put into your classes outside of the lesson?
    • What is your student getting out of their classes with you?
    • What is your time worth to you?
    • How many hours do you want to spend teaching on italki and how much money would you like to make for your time?

It's possible that you will lose some students by raising your rates, but there are ways to keep old prices for old students.  And, even if you teach fewer hours at your new, higher rates, you will be making more money each hour.

If you offer different kinds of classes, it might be a good idea to make some specialized classes and charge more for these if there is a demand or if they take you more time and effort to prepare for.  For example, if you are a professional teacher, you might keep your "Informal tutoring" class at a lower price, but charge much more for a specialized lesson in a topic of your expertise, especially if you spend more time and effort on it.

If you notice yourself getting a lot of requests for lessons from new students, that's probably a sign that your classes are in demand and you can afford to raise your prices! 

Here's how we recommend you go about raising your rates and communicating this with your students:

Recommendations for Raising your Rates >>

Offering discounts 

Yes, it's possible to offer students a discount, but you need to do this before accepting their lesson request. Learn how:

FAQ: Can I offer my students a discount for lessons?

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