Offering Trial Lessons

 Setting up trial lessons

Go to your courses page.  You can get there by editing your profile >> teacher settings >> courses or through this direct link (

  • Go to your courses
  • In the "trial lesson" section click the slider to turn trial lessons on.
  • Click the "pencil" icon to the right of the screen to edit the price

What are Trial Lessons?

  • A good way to give a discounted first lesson to students (italki does not take a commission on trial lessons)
  • The minimum amount you can set for a trial lesson is $1.00 in italki Credits. You cannot offer free Trial lessons.
  • Optional (you do not have to offer trial lessons)
  • 30-minutes long

Please do not offer free lessons on italki.

We understand that it is common for offline private teachers or tutors to offer a free first lesson, but we believe that it is best for the italki online teaching community to charge at least a very small fee for a the first class. This way, you are also more likely to get "serious" students who are dedicated to learning.

italki Students:

  • Must have credits in their "Student Wallet" to pay for trial lessons.
  • Have 3 trial lessons that they can take with any teacher
  • Use trial lessons as a way to "test" and get used to the italki website
  • Can only take 1 trial lesson per teacher
  • Can write to italki support if the trail lesson didn't take place and need to get the trial lesson back
  • Can leave feedback about the teacher, but the trial lesson does not contribute to a teacher's rating. 
These policies were introduced to reduce the number of students that are not serious about taking lessons.

Students taking trial lessons are probably totally new to italki!  They will probably be nervous, so please be very friendly and let them know that you'll be happy to understand their current level and their goals. They probably know that they want to learn a language, but are not sure what to do next, so you might advise them on which of your courses would be appropriate for their level and goals.

New students might have questions about how to use the italki website, and if there is anything you are not sure about you can always tell the students to contact italki support, and we will be happy to help.

What should I do during a trial lesson?

It is up to you to decide how to structure your trial lessons.

We recommend using them as a way of exchanging introductions and giving a brief teaching demonstration so that both of you can determine whether working together is a good fit.

You might want to ask your student to give you some information before the lesson about their background as a language learner, their level, their reasons for studying a language, and if they have any material in particular that they want to use.

Couldn't complete the trial lesson?

italki Students are only allowed one trial lesson per teacher. But, if your student misses their trial lesson with you, italki staff can replace it. Contact italki support (or advise your student to do this) with the Lesson ID # of the trial lesson.

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