How do I add or edit my courses?

On italki, you can teach whatever you think is best for your students. There are different types of courses. The main two courses are:

1. Professional Lessons - These are available for professional teaching profiles. You can create a course title and description. For these lessons, please prepare materials or plans for your students as necessary.

2. Informal Tutoring- These are available for all teaching profiles.

Add or Edit Your Courses

1. Go to “Teacher Settings” in your drop-down menu.


2. Click the “Courses” section to view and edit your courses.


3. To add a course, click on the “+Add a Course” button then fill in the appropriate information:

  • (For Professional Lessons): Write a title for your course. Make it as specific as possible.
  • Select the language being taught. This will make you appear in teacher search for this language.
  • (For Professional Lessons): Write a brief description of what you will teach in this course, and what the student can expect to learn or to gain from it.
  • Consider the time and effort involved, and choose a price for your course.
  • Consider package options (explained below)
  • Course availability (whether or not students can request a lesson in this course)

4. Click on the pencil symbol to add or edit a course.

Please note that only professional teachers can add courses besides "Informal Tutoring".  If you are ready to offer more specialized classes than just "Informal Tutoring", then perhaps it is time to upgrade your profile to become a Professional Teacher!


To add a Package, simply pull down the drop down box and indicate how many lessons you would like to have in your Package for this course. Then fill in the Total Price for this package. Note that your Total Price for this package should be cheaper than individual prices for a lesson.  You'll need to do the calculations so it makes sense from a financial standpoint.


To set your individual lesson and package prices:

Our system will automatically handle the price for each lesson within a package.  All you need to do is tell us:

1) The italki Credits per lesson cost when a student requests just one lesson

2) The total cost of a package.


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