How do I edit my time schedule? (Weekly Schedule and Calendar)

It is important for teachers to keep their availability updated so that students can request the times that work for you. Please note that changing your availability WILL NOT affect any lessons that have already been booked; those times are "locked in".

To edit your time schedule:

1) Click on your profile picture or more options in the top right side of the page.

2) Click on the "Teacher Settings" option and then select the "Availability" tab. This will open up your Availability (accepting new students or not), Standard Weekly Schedule, and Calendar.


Editing your Standard Weekly Schedule

Your Standard Weekly Schedule repeats every week. If you wish to edit specific days, scroll down for the Calendar view of the whole month.

If you have regular hours, then the standard weekly schedule will help you by copying these times into each week of the monthly calendar below.

Note: Whenever you change your Standard Weekly Schedule, it will overwrite your entire schedule for the future. If you had made changes to certain days, you will need to delete or edit those dates again in Calendar view, which is below your Weekly Schedule.

To add available time:

Hover over the date and click the "+ Add" option.

To delete available time:

Hover over a selected time period and click on the small "x"



Editing your Calendar view schedule

Calendar view gives you a monthly view of your entire teacher schedule. In calendar view, you can add and remove specific dates and times, for example, if you will be gone during a certain weekend, or if there is a day when you have more availability.


To Delete a Specific Time

To delete a specific Time Availability period on your calendar, simply hover over a selected time period and click on the small trash can icon. Please note that this only deletes the selected period.

To Add a Specific Time to your Calendar

To add a specific Time Availability period on your calendar, click on the + Add icon at the bottom of the date cell on the calendar.  Click on it and add your new Time Availability Period.  Please note that this only adds new Time Availability to the selected period. It will not automatically repeat on other days or weeks.


Clearing Your Time Availability Schedule

To set periods when you cannot teach, you simply need to delete your time availability from your schedule.  You can simply delete your times for a specific date or time period or you can delete a specific Date Range.  

In Calendar view, look below the calendar for the "Delete Date Range" button.

Select the date range that you wish to delete and click submit.

A message will appear to confirm if the selected dates and after selecting “Yes”, all the Time Availability periods in the date range that you selected will be deleted.  Your teaching schedule for those dates will be cleared out.


This is useful if you are going on vacation or cannot teach for a longer period of time.

If you will be unavailable for a while:

If you will be gone and cannot respond to lesson requests, please also go to the top of the page and edit your "Availability Status" and "Status Notification" to "Not looking for new students". This will remove you from teacher search and new students will not be able to send requests. You can add yourself again when you come back. Read more here:

How do I Change My Availability Status?  (Add or Remove Yourself From Teacher Search)



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