How do I change my "Availability Status"? (Add or Remove yourself from teacher search)

Teachers who are too busy and have too many requests from students might want to change their "Availability Status".


To change your "Availability Status":

"Teacher Availability Status" has been moved to the middle of your teacher profile page (between your written introduction and your courses). No need to go to your teacher settings; now you can update your Teacher Status on your teacher profile page directly!

To edit your Teacher Status, just click the "pencil" icon.



Now, choose your Availability Status (looking for new students or not) and set your Availability Status Description.


There are currently two availability options:

1. I'm looking for new students - This option will show your profile on teacher search and any student will be able to request a lesson from you.

2. I'm not looking for new students - This option will remove your profile from teacher search and only students who have already taken a lesson with you once before will be able to request another lesson. Old students can still request lessons. New students will not be able to request a lesson, but they can send you a message.

Remember to SAVE your changes!


If you do not want any new lessons

If you do not wish to accept any new lessons, you can simply adjust your time schedule to say that you are on vacation.  Refer to the FAQ on adjusting your time schedule:


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