How are my Teaching Statistics updated?

Lesson Count and Teaching Statistics

Teacher statistics (attendance, lesson count, star ratings, etc) are updated once a day.

A completed session can sometimes take up to 8 days to show up on your Teacher Profile. This is because a student has 7 days to report a problem or confirm that a session is completed, and then it may take 1 more day to appear on your profile.

A fully completed session means that the student has confirmed payment for the session and both the student and teacher have left feedback. 

If the student forgets and doesn't do anything within 7 days, then italki will "auto-confirm" the lesson.

Course Statistics

Professional Lessons and Informal Tutoring statistics are recorded only for that particular course.If you edit or delete a course, you also delete all of the associated statistics with that course.

However, the overall number of courses will continue to keep track of the overall amount of sessions you have taught.  This includes changing the course price and course name.  For example, if you had a course called:

Beginning English -150ITC

and you changed it to

Beginning English -160ITC

then the lesson count associated with "Beginning English -150ITC" would be deleted and would begin at 0 with "Beginning English -160ITC"

But, the lessons from "Beginning English -150ITC" would still count towards the total lesson count on your profile.

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