How do I add more courses in different languages?

In order to teach a language, you must first have that language on your profile as C2 or Native level. Please review the language requirements for teaching on italki.

How many new languages and new courses can I add?

  • Currently, the maximum amount of languages you can teach is 8 languages for Professional Teachers and 4 languages for Community Tutors.
  • Professional teachers can have up to 5 courses for each language.

To update a language level and add a new course:

1. Go to Edit Profile and then scroll down to Languages

2. Add or change the level that you want to teach to a C2 or Native.

3. Update your Introduction Video to show yourself speaking in that language. Even if you aren't planning to teach it, it's important for students to be able to hear you using the languages that you speak fluently.

4. If you are a professional teacher and have certification you can upload to prove your proficiency, then please edit your Certificates.

5. Wait for italki staff to review and approve the changes to your profile (this may take a few days to appear).

6. Create your new language course, and select the target language category. This will make you appear in Teacher Search for that language. How do I add or edit a course?





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