Recommendations for Teaching Students

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We think it is important to note that students will have different needs.

Some students will be seeking a structured learning environment. This is especially true of beginning students. Beginning students will need structure to learn the language. In this case, a professional teacher is crucial for systematically explaining the foundations of the language for the student.

Some students are already learning a language in another structured environment (school) or advanced enough for self-directed study. They just need extra help and practice. In these cases, the student will drive the direction of the lesson.

Creating a course
Creating a course is an important way of attracting students that are looking for a structured learning environment.

A course outlines what you intend to teach your students. This gives students an opportunity to choose between different teaching styles and methods. For example, you may teach a course on Business English that is focused on international trade. Another teacher may teach a course on Basic English Grammar.

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