How do I remind students to confirm a completed lesson?

Once a lesson has been completed, the italki system will send a notification and message to the student asking the student to confirm that the lesson is complete and to transfer payment. We do this to ensure that the student has control over payment for their lesson.

If the student ignores the message, the lesson will be automatically confirmed by our system after 7 days, and payment will be transferred from the student to the teacher.

We allow this time period to give both the teacher and student enough time to report if there was a problem.

If you are completing a lesson on Skype (or another service) and would like your student to confirm the lesson right away, BEFORE the end of the lesson, you can remind the student by sending a message like this:


After the lesson, please remember to go to here: to check your notifications and confirm that the lesson is complete.  Thank you very much!


Even if the student isn't using italki lesson messages, you can use the chat feature of Skype or your chosen software to send the message so the student can read and click on it to go back to their italki dashboard. 


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