How and when do I get paid as a teacher?

Payment Periods

In order to withdraw your italki Credits you should submit a withdrawal request. italki processes withdrawal requests depending on the payment method:

Payoneer, Paypal and Skrill: submit your request by the 15th (to be paid by the 26th) and 30th / 31st (to be paid by the 10th of the following month)
All other payment methods: submit your request by the 30th / 31st of each month (to be paid by the 10th of the following month).

You will receive your funds within 10 days after the request deadline, after italki begins processing the withdrawal requests.

Compare payment methods:

FAQ: Which payment method is best for me to withdraw my credits?


For example, if you submit a withdrawal request using Paypal on 12 January, italki will collect the request on 15 January when we begin processing. You will receive the funds between 16 January and 25 January.

Please see this FAQ for a detailed payment calendar:

FAQ: I've submitted my withdraw request.  When will I receive my payment?


As italki deals with teachers from all over the world who live in different time zones, we calculate the 1st and last date of the month according to UTC(+0) (Coordinated Universal Time).

[ Withdraw Credits - ]


Editing Your Withdraw Amount

If you wish to edit your withdrawal amount, simply click on the "Edit the Previous Request" button and enter your new withdrawal request.  This is useful for teachers who may have made a withdrawal request then gone to teach some new sessions and earned more credits.  You can edit your withdrawal up until it has been approved and payment is in processing.

italki works with different Payment Providers to help you withdraw your money.  italki pays in USD and RMB.  The main Payment Providers we use are:

You must have an account with one of these payment providers in order to receive payment.  Please note that there may be additional payment fees incurred by the Payment Provider as fees vary in each individual country.   For example, if you withdraw your credits using Paypal - Paypal will charge you 3%-3.5% of the amount sent to you.  This is not an italki cost but a Paypal cost that the Teacher must bear.

  • The Minimum Withdraw Amount is $30 USD in italki Credits. If you are closing your teaching profile and need to request an amount less than that, please see the instructions here.

If you have any problems with withdrawing your italki Credits, please contact us at support.

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