How does a teacher receive payment for package lessons?

When a student purchases a package, italki receives all the italki Credits from the package. However, teachers do not receive the entire italki Credits amount for the package.  

italki will send payment to the teacher after each lesson in the package.

How are the payments calculated?

After each completed package lesson, the teacher will receive the package “average” lesson price (after withholding 15% italki commission). This will appear as a transaction in your finance account. Please note that if you have a package deal, then this amount will be different than the amount you receive for an individual lesson that is not part of a package.

However, when the last lesson is completed, then the teacher will receive the same lesson price as before, plus the full amount of the italki commission for the whole package. This is why the final lesson transaction looks like more than usual.

After that, the total italki package commission will be removed, leaving the teacher with the italki Credits from the last lesson. In case of “partial” italki Credits, the italki commission will be rounded up to the nearest whole number.

For example:
A student buys a 10-lesson package for $100 in italki Credits.

For each completed lesson, the teacher will receive $8.50 italki Credits (The average cost of 1 lesson is $10.00 in italki Credits, and the teacher receives 85% of this).

After completion of the last lesson, the teacher will receive $23.50 italki Credits ($8.50 italki Credits for the last lesson + $15.00 italki Credits for the total italki commission = $23.00 italki Credits).

Lastly, italki will deduct the $15.00 italki Credits commission.


In case a package is canceled or terminated:

If a package is terminated before all the lessons have been completed:

  • If the teacher requested the termination, then the price of each lesson will be calculated according to the average price of a package lesson. This way, the student still gets the package rate.
  • If the student requested the termination, then the price of each lesson will be taken from the teacher’s individual lesson rates. The package rates will not apply.

You can check on your packages and payments here:


View your packages: Go to Lessons > Packages in the drop-down menu


See all your payments and transactions in your Teacher Wallet:

You can see which lesson the payment is for:

  • Click "View details" to see detailed information for that payment or transaction
  • Click "View related transactions" to see all the payments and transactions for that package


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