How do I withdraw my credits using Paypal?

In order to get paid via Paypal, you must have a valid Paypal Account that can receive funds.

Please first read the FAQ:  How and when do I get paid as a teacher?

If you do not have a Paypal account, you must first create one and make sure that your account can receive funds before you can proceed with processing italki credits.  Each country has different requirements for payment via Paypal.  Many require that you have to submit your real identification with your country's Paypal website. 

Please contact your country's Paypal website to ensure that your Paypal account can receive funds. If you need to contact Paypal about your account, visit Paypal self help.

Here, you can view Paypal's list of supported countries and currencies.

Paypal Withdrawal Examples

One of these methods will be automatically chosen to process your withdrawal request.  Please note the minimum withdrawal amount is $30 USD in italki Credits. 

For a normal withdrawal request, the method will be PayPal MassPay. But if it's an express/immediate withdrawal request or exclusive withdrawal request, PayPal Individual pay will be applied. 


Paypal* Individual Pay

Used for general withdrawal requests

Used for express/immediate withdrawal or when resending failed withdrawal requests 

Example Withdraw Amount : $ 500 USD credits

Paypal charges a 2% fee on the amount you receive. This will be automatically deducted from your withdrawal.

italki will send $ 490.20 USD via italki Paypal account to your Paypal Account.

Amount you will receive = (requested amount)/(1.02)

Fees are the same regardless of country.

Example Withdraw Amount : $ 500 USD credits

italki will send $ 500 USD via bank transfer to your Paypal Account

Paypal will charge their fees for using their service. 

Typically Paypal charges 3.9% + $0.30 so you would receive $ 480.20 USD after Paypal charges its fees.   

Fees do vary from country to country so check with your local Paypal for their latest fee information for your country.


* If a teacher requests an Express Pay on italki, it is sent with Paypal* Individual Pay.

* If MassPay fails due to a problem with the teacher's Paypal account, then italki will use Paypal* Individual Pay to send payment instead to resend the amount.


To withdraw your credits via Paypal

follow these easy steps:

1. Click on your Teacher Wallet



2. Choose the method you wish to add. In this case, it is "PayPal"


3. Select PayPal as your withdrawal method and enter your PayPal Account information (PayPal email address) and enter your italki Password.  Your PayPal information will be saved for future withdrawal.

You must submit your Paypal email address!  This is the only way we can pay you via Paypal.


You can withdraw italki Credits into your own payment account once every month.

5. Remember to Submit your withdraw request.

Editing Your Withdraw Amount

If you wish to edit your withdrawal amount, simply click on the "Edit the Previous Request" button and enter your new withdrawal request.  This is useful for teachers who may have made a withdrawal request then gone to teach some new sessions and earned more credits.  You can edit your withdrawal request up until the end of the month.  

If you have any problems with withdrawing your italki Credits, please contact us at support.

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