How do I report taxes for the income that I make on italki?

italki is a Hong Kong company, and as such, we only need to report taxes for our teachers who hold Hong Kong and China IDs. 

italki is not an employer or independent contractor of teachersOn italki, you are self-employed! We provide the italki platform and service so that you can teach the way you want and work for yourself as an online educator.  

How should I report my italki income?

It depends which country you live in and what your local regulations are.


If you are a Chinese citizen earning money from italki,

please refer to the following FAQ on how we report your taxes to the Chinese government.


If you are a non-Chinese citizen earning money via teaching on italki, it is your own responsibility to report this as self-employed income. We don't provide any special tax forms for this purpose. If you need proof of payment, you can print out your Paypal (or other payment provider) invoices or your italki Credits session history.


As we have teachers teaching from all over the world, each country has their own laws for how to report foreign earned income. You should check with your home country's laws regarding this and report accordingly.


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