How do I withdraw my credits using Skrill?

To get paid via Skrill, you must have a valid Skrill Account that can receive funds. If you do not have a Skrill account, you must first create one and make sure that your account can receive funds before you can withdraw your italki Credits. Each country has different requirements for payment via Skrill.

For more information about withdrawing italki Credits in general, read the FAQ:  How and when do I get paid as a teacher?

To compare other payment methods, read FAQ: Which payment method is best for me to withdraw italki Credits?

If you need to make a Skrill account:

You can create a Skrill account here: 

Skrill is a useful service for many italki teachers, but Skrill is not managed by italki. Please reference Skrill's FAQs and instructions if you need help:

Important notes for creating your account:

  • italki sends payment in USD. If you are creating a new account, we recommend setting up a USD account. If you do not set up a USD account, Skrill will convert your funds from USD into the currency of your Skrill wallet before being deposited.
  • If you are a resident of the USA, Skrill may request documents proving your identity and address as part of the process of setting up your account. This account verification can take several weeks, so please take this timeline into account.


If you already have a Skrill account:

Skrill Withdrawal Example

Skrill Withdraw Amount 1000 italki Credits = USD100

italki will send USD100 via bank transfer to your Skrill Account

Skrill will charge their fees for using their service.  Typically Skrill charges 1% so you would receive $ 99.01 USD after the Skrill fee is applied. (For Skrill Taiwan accounts, Skrill will charge 2%).

For more information on Skrill fees, please read more here.

To withdraw your italki Credits via Skrill, following these easy steps:

1. Click on Teacher Wallet under your Finances Tab

2. Click on your "Settings"

3. Select Skrill as your withdrawal method. Click "Add" if you have not used this method before.

4. Enter your Skrill Account information (Skrill email address)

5. Enter your italki Password. 

6. Click "Submit" to send the request.

Your Skrill information will be saved for future withdrawal.

You must submit your Skrill email address, or the payment will not work!

Editing Your Withdrawal Amount

Did you earn more italki Credits? You can change your withdrawal amount.

If you wish to edit your withdrawal amount, simply click on the "Edit the Previous Request" button and change the amount.  

This is useful for teachers who may have made a withdrawal request then gone to teach some new sessions and earned more italki Credits. You can edit your withdrawal request up until the end of the month.  


If you have any problems with withdrawing your italki Credits, please contact us at italki support.

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