Does italki have an Affiliate Program for Teachers?

italki's Affiliate Program allows teachers to receive a reward for referring paying students to italki.
All teachers can use a unique code (affiliate link) that can track new users who register and eventually make a purchase of italki Credits.  
italki will pay teachers by depositing italki Credits to their Teacher Wallet account on a monthly basis.


Earn Money: Teachers can be paid for referring paying students to italki.
Easy to Use: It is easy to implement. Just post a referral link with your unique affiliate code. This link will bring users to the italki homepage (or a page you designate). How you promote the link is up to you: you can use email, blog posts, social media, banner ads, and so on.
Easy to Maintain: It is easy to set up and requires minimal maintenance. italki will do the work of checking your account and sending the italki Credits directly to your Teacher Wallet.

How to create the affiliate link:

  1. Go to your teacher profile and get your teacher ID number from the URL.
  2. Add ?ref= in front of your teacher ID.
  3. Add x to the end of your teacher ID. (This is your personal Affiliate Link)
  4. Add any italki URL in front of your personal Affiliate Link.

For example, using teacher Charles (Profile link: his affiliate link would be: 



Link to italki Home Page (with affiliate link)

Link to your Teacher Profile (with affiliate link)


Statistics Tracking:

The Affiliate Program is an experiment and we do not have a system that teachers can access yet. When there are new students, italki will report to teachers how many users registered and how many users became paying students.  

Payment for Qualifying Referrals: 

  • The new student MUST come through your affiliate link - this is how we know to give you credit.
  • The new student must make a purchase (buy italki Credits)
  • italki will only pay for a user that buys italki Credits and "converts" to a paying student.  
  • There is no time limit on when the conversion needs to take place. 
  • italki will check the records every month, and pay teachers in italki Credits to the Teacher's Wallet.
  • italki will pay the teacher $8.50 (in teacher wallet) in italki Credits per new paying student.
To restate, a new registered italki “free” user does not count towards this program.  
When a free user converts to a paying user, italki will pay the affiliate referral fee in italki Credits to the Teacher Wallet.  
It does not matter which teacher the new student takes a session from. If the student comes through your link, you get the $8.50 in italki Credits.

Six great ways to use your affiliate link:

  1. Write a blog? Add your affiliate link when you refer to italki. You can download our logos, images, and banners here:
    italki Style Guide
  2. Promote your italki Teacher Profile (with your affiliate link) on
  3. Participate in other language forums? Add your affiliate link when you refer to italki.
  4. Add your affiliate link to your email signature.
  5. Add your affiliate link to your italki Teacher Video Introduction and other language videos.
  6. Share your italki Teacher Profile Page on Social Media.
We are excited to work with teachers to find a way to help our partners earn money while spreading the word about italki teachers. The Affiliate Program is an experiment and this program will continue to evolve, and we’re looking forward to working with you.  
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