I'm a new teacher on italki. Why can’t I offer Instant Tutoring?

Teachers need to have taught a minimum of 5 sessions to earn the privilege to offer Instant Tutoring. 

We want to make sure that our teachers, especially our new teachers, are familiar with the italki system, teaching online and responding to various students from around the world before offering Instant Tutoring and handling a live request from a student. We want to avoid the situation of a new student and new teacher having a confusing Instant Tutoring session because neither of them fully understand the system.

However, we understand that some teachers who may not have met the 5 session requirement may be very familiar with the italki system, and these teachers can apply for Instant Tutoring privileges with a valid explanation or reason that shows you will be able to handle your first instant tutoring session flawlessly.

If you are a new teacher who has not yet completed 5 sessions, you can still apply for instant tutoring privileges if you have previously used instant tutoring of have previous experience teaching online and handling new students and live requests.

We will take your application into consideration if:

  • You have previous experience with instant tutoring, perhaps as a student.
  • You have successfully completed a few sessions and gotten good feedback already.
  • You have other experience with online teaching

This gives us confidence that you will be able to communicate with and respond promptly to students.

The below screenshot shows you how to get to the Instant Tutoring Activation Application page.

Go to the "Instant Tutoring" section, and click "Apply". Tell us why your instant tutoring should be activated at this time.

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