Why are my Instant Tutoring privileges suspended and how can I get my Instant Tutoring privileges back?

There are two main reasons instant tutoring privileges are automatically suspended:

  • You allowed 2 instant tutoring requests to expire (you have 10 minutes to respond to an instant tutoring request).
  • You declined 5 instant tutoring requests in a row (please only use instant tutoring when you can accept any request).

We do this because if there is something preventing you from accepting requests (for example, if you forgot to turn off Instant Tutoring before leaving your computer), then this could cause students who need a lesson to be disappointed. When students look for instant tutoring, they are expecting to find a teacher very quickly, so we don't want them to feel disappointed. Please help us make sure that italki students can get the help they need on instant tutoring!

For more details see Instant Tutoring Rules & Policies.

If you have questions or are not sure why your instant tutoring was suspended, please contact italki Support and let us know what happened.

To use Instant Tutoring again, you will need to reapply from your Teacher Settings. We ask you to do this so we can be sure that you will be ready to receive new instant tutoring requests.

How to reapply for Instant Tutoring 

If you reapply, please include a message to let us know why you missed the requests and what you will do to prevent it from happening again.


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