Instant Tutoring Rules and Policies

Who Qualifies for Instant Tutoring?

Instant Tutoring is a privilege, not a right for both Community Tutors and Professional Teachers on italki.  All teachers and tutors who have completed more than 5 sessions will automatically qualify for Instant Tutoring and can immediately offer Instant Tutoring to all students on italki.  New Teachers need to complete at least 5 sessions before they are allowed to offer Instant Tutoring (Learn More).

The ONLY Instant Tutoring Rule

The Instant Tutoring privilege can be taken away from teachers who do not adhere to the basic Instant Tutoring Rule:

Immediately respond and accept ALL Instant Tutoring requests          

Students want a great Instant Tutoring experience so when they make an Instant Tutoring request with you, they expect an immediate response from the teacher. To ensure that our students have a positive Instant Tutoring experience, we have instituted the following Instant Tutoring Rules and Policies for our teachers.

What Happens when I break the ONLY Instant Tutoring Rule?

Teacher Action (or Inaction)


Instant Tutoring request made and the teacher does not accept or decline the request within 10 minutes. 

The teacher simply ignores the request(s) during the 10 minute request period.

  • Instant Tutoring status will automatically be set to “Not Available”(Not available on the site yet)
  • Receive one Instant Tutoring Timeout.  This is a negative mark!

2 Timeouts in a row
The teacher has 2 Instant Tutoring request in a row.

Declines 5 requests in a row
The teacher declines 5 Instant Tutoring requests in a row.

italki also has the right to suspect and even disable Instant Tutoring privileges for teachers who violate the italki Terms of Service, abuse the italki Community Guidelines, or violate our Teacher Code of Conduct.


If you are ready to set up your Instant tutoring, read more:

How Does Instant Tutoring Work for Teachers?


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