Can a Community Tutor apply to become a Professional Teacher?


If a Community Tutor earns accredited teaching certification, then he or she can apply for an upgrade to a Professional Teaching profile (your community tutoring lesson history will also be saved).

The online upgrade application is available here:

It can also be found by logging in to your teaching account and then returning to the online application form. The system will know that you are already a teacher and will offer you an upgrade application.

Please note that these instructions are only for current Community Tutors wishing to change their status to Professional Teachers.  If you do not yet have a teaching account and have the required certification, you can apply for a professional teaching profile directly.

Some additional information is required for a Professional Teaching profile.

The upgrade application will prompt for the following new information about your background and experience:

  • Education (Document upload optional)
    • Highest level of education attained
  • Work Experience 
    • Example: Professional employment as a language teacher
    • Example: Other employment relevant to your teaching or special topics
    • Any necessary document must be uploaded to the "Certifications" section
  • Certification (Document upload required)
    • Example: Professional Teaching Certificate or Diploma
    • Example: Language Proficiency

You will also have the opportunity to revise your:


If your application is approved, then later you will be prompted to add new courses and course descriptions. Congratulations!

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