Why was my application to teach on italki declined?

At italki, we personally evaluate every application.

Your application will become your new teaching profile, so it's important to make sure that your application really represents you. Once your application has been evaluated, you will receive an email letting you know our decision.

If your application is approved:

  • You will receive an email
  • The system will prompt you to create an availability calendar and courses the next time you log in.

If your application is declined:

  • You will receive an email. The email will tell you why your application was declined, and will let you know what you can do to improve and resubmit your application, if you wish.


For all applications:

We expect all teachers to conduct themselves professionally and to bring an enthusiasm for language teaching and learning.

Here are some of the most common reasons why applications are declined.

  • The application is incomplete. An approved application would immediately become your teaching profile, so we will not accept any incomplete applications.
  • Profile Picture is not professional-looking. It doesn't have to be formal or business-like, but it does have to follow our guidelines.
  • No Video Introductionthe video link is set to "private" and not viewable by italki staff or by students, or the image or sound quality is low and cannot be clearly viewed.
  • The Written Introductions need more information or have spelling/grammar mistakes in the target language(s)
  • Something in your profile advertises or promotes other services. We ask that you respect the italki platform.
  • Your profile includes personal contact information. On italki, you work for yourself, but don't give out your personal contact information. Students will be able to contact you through italki messages. Protect your privacy.
  • You do not meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old

It does sometimes happen that we receive too many applications for a teaching particular language, and must decline them even if they follow our guidelines and are good applications. In this situation, we ask for your patience and invite you to reapply again in a few months when there might be a better chance of acceptance. 

Especially for Professional Teaching Applications

At italki, we verify every Professional Teacher application.  Our criteria for acceptance of your application is primarily based on the criteria that you have

  • training as a teacher or professional educator and
  • expertise in the language that you want to teach.

This could include

  • Extensive professional teaching experience at a school or language institute
  • a university degree in teaching and education
  • a teaching certificate

So, the most common problems with professional teaching applications are:

  • Work experience has a problem (incomplete)
  • Education section has a problem (incomplete or missing attachments)
  • Certification section is missing the necessary teaching certification (missing attachments/inadequate certification). 
  • Certification is not accredited by a reliable language or educational institution

Your certification or other documents will not be shown to students. Students will only be able to see the title and description you give them, and that italki approved of the certification.

If you want to re-apply:

We are happy to reconsider updated applications.

If your application is rejected and you would still like to teach on italki, you can apply again. Your application information has been saved, so all you need to do is:

  • Log in to your italki account
  • Go back to your online application
  • Make your updates and resubmit the application

Check out some examples:

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