How do I add my video introduction link to my teaching profile?

To upload an introduction teaching video to your teacher profile, that video must be first uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.


Step 1: Go to Edit Profile

Step 2: Click on the “Teacher Settings” Tab and scroll down until you see "Video Introduction" 

Step 3: At “Video Introduction” click the “pencil” 

Step 4: Get the "share link" from YouTube or Vimeo

4.1. When viewing your video's page, look below the video for the "Share" tab and click it. 



4.2. Copy the unique video link provided in the box



Step 5: When pop-up window appears, add your Youtube or Vimeo video's unique link to your introduction video and click “Save”




*Remember: We need to approve you video before it goes “live” on your profile. This could take several days.

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