What are the fees for teaching on italki?

Creating a profile, applying to become a teacher, and setting your courses and availability calendar are all completely free.

On italki, teachers set their own prices appropriate to the teacher's local environment, plus the time and effort spent preparing for professional lessons.

When a student pays for a lesson, italki takes a commission or fee based on the teacher's listed course price. We don't take any money until you are making money.

italki commission

italki charges a 15% fee on transactions between teachers and students. Since italki uses the on-site italki Credits, this figure is rounded up (there are no partial italki credits). This fee is charged when a lesson is confirmed by the student and italki Credits are sent to the teacher.

Please note: italki does not charge a commission fee for trial sessions

Please note: italki does not charge any commission or fee for withdrawing your italki Credits into money. Depending on your choice of payment method, these payment methods will charge different fees. Read more about payment methods and fees.

Why does italki charge a commission?

This fee is charged for use of italki’s platform and services, such as scheduling across timezones and handling international payments, as well as the marketing costs of bringing new students to the platform. italki staff are also available to answer questions about using the platform and to help you manage your lessons and your students when you submit a request form. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

Since italki only takes a fee on completed sessions, you will only be charged when you’re making money teaching on italki. You can request to withdraw your earnings once or twice per month, depending on your chosen payment method.

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