How and Where do I find an image to submit with my Article?

When you're looking online for an image to submit with your article, it can be difficult to tell whether or not you have the rights to use it in your article.  This FAQ is about how to find images that you can submit with proper citation or attribution for your article. 

DO NOT use images for which you do not have the legal right.  

What kind of images can I submit with my article?


We cannot publish:

Copyrighted "All Rights Reserved" images - These images are owned by authors who do want to give others any right to use the image, however, sometimes rights to use the image can be gained by contacting and speaking with the author directly.

Creative Commons "NC" Non-Commercial - "NC" means that the author does not want their image used for commercial or business purposes. italki is a business, so we cannot publish any CC license that contains the Non-Commercial "crossed-out $" icon on our website.


We can publish:

1. Your own image - If you hold the copyright to an image, you can give us permission to publish it.  Just let us know that you are the author.

2. Creative Commons (CC) "Some Rights Reserved" or "No Rights Reserved"  licensed images (except for "NC" licenses)

While a typical Copyright claims that ALL rights to the image are reserved by the author, CC allows the author to choose which image rights he or she will keep and which rights to the images he or she is willing to share with others, under what conditions, and for what purposes. There are many different kinds and versions of CC licenses.

Please read about each of them using the links below so that you understand both:

1) What you are allowed to do or not to do using the license, and

2) What others may or may not be be allowed to do with your work depending on the licenses of images you do use.

Types of Creative Commons (CC) licenses that we can publish:

Public Domain CC-0 "No Rights Reserved" 
These are images for which the copyright is released to the public - whether by choice of the copyright holder or becoming old enough to become part of the public domain.

BY "Attribution" - You can use, and even modify the work for any reason, as long as you give credit to the author.  

SA "Attribution - ShareAlike" You can use, and even modify the work for any reason, as long you give credit to the author and distribute your new work using an identical license.  

ND "No Derivs" - No Derivative works can be made from this; You can use it, but do not modify or change it it from its original form.

Where can I find properly-licensed images on the internet?

Two good resources for "Some Rights Reserved" or Public Domain "No Rights Reserved" images are Wikimedia Commons and Flickr (Creative Commons).  Both sites make it easy to check the license or attribution of an image, and share a link or download the image.  If you choose an image from one of these sites, please provide:

1) The image link or download link

2) The author (if required by the license)

3) The type of CC license for the image.

Let's take a look at how to get the right information about images from these two sites:

Wikimedia Commons




Flickr (Creative Commons)

When you search for images on Flickr, go to the Flickr Creative Commons first to make sure that all the images you're viewing are images you have the rights to use.  Attribution, and Non-Deriv images are both ok; you can search for images in those categories. Non-Commercial images (the last category of images) cannot be used. 


Or, if you are using a different (older) version of the Flickr site, it may look like this:





We hope this helps you find the perfect image for your italki Article!

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