Top 5 Reasons Why An Article Might Not Be Accepted

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If you have some information about a language, its grammar, its vocabulary, its culture, or tips for learning that language more effectively that you don't already see on italki Articles, we invite you to contribute! If you're studying a language, italki Articles are a fun and interesting way to learn more about your target language.


If you're teaching a language, italki Articles are also a great way to show off your expertise and attract students.


Sometimes, we receive article submissions that are great ideas, but we cannot accept them. Usually this is because one of these five reasons, but not exclusively just these five. So, try to make sure that you won't have any of these problems before you submit an article:

The top 5 reasons why we might not accept an article submission:

1. A similar article has already been published, or the article does not fit into the kinds of articles we are gathering.


Check to see if there's already an article like the one you want to write. If so, maybe you can add your thoughts to the discussions. Of course there are some "hot topics" that will always attract people to submit ideas, for example: TOEFL, IELT, "Business [Language] tips/etiquette/ideas", how to sound "native in [language]", etc. If you believe your article submission is different enough though, go ahead and submit your article!


It's good to have different peoples' perspectives and more examples, even of similar aspects of language learning. However, we reserve the right to politely decline your article if we feel it significantly overlaps the existing article content.


In general, try to write about something specific rather than something general; for example, "Important Foods to Eat During the Mid-Autumn Festival in China" is a more interesting topic than "Chinese Holidays". Please make sure that your article will offer help or encouragement for students studying that language and culture.  If not, then it might be a great discussion, but not a great article! 


2. Word count / Article length


We are looking for articles that are at least 850 words in length. The inclusion of pictures between the body texts is welcomed but not a must. 850 words is a good length for providing information without being too long and detailed. Most of the time, we have published articles that are longer, ranging from 1000-1200 words.


If your article is too short, please think of what details you can add to provide more information to your readers. Providing more explanations of the context or more examples of how native speakers would use the language is always helpful. On the flip side, if your article is very long, please think about whether it would make sense to break up the idea into 2 or more smaller articles.


3. Article images


Admittedly, this is not a deal-breaker. If you happen to submit a hero image for your proposed article, please make sure that it be properly sourced and cited. 

We recommend submitting images that are

  1. From the Public Domain
  2. From a Creative Commons "Some Rights Reserved" Attribution license
  3. Your own


FAQ: How and Where Do I Find an Image to Submit with my Article?


We are not able to accept images that have the following types of licenses:

  1. All Rights Reserved
  2. Non-Commercial


If you want to include images within your body text, you may, but make sure they are appropriate. We reserve the right to include or discard all submitted images. Most of the time, italki will select a hero image to be paired with the article.


4. Article for promotional purposes only


If you have submitted an article in hopes of collaborating with italki to promote your own channel and/or business entity, you may do so with a certain level of discretion. At the end of the day, italki Articles is meant to serve language learners to improve their target language proficiency.

Therefore, if your article content appear to be purely for marketing purposes and serves little to no benefit for language learning, then this will likely be declined for publication. Thank you for your understanding.



5.  Article quality: article needs revision


Even if your article meets all of the above requirements, we still need it to be well-organized.  Most of our articles are written in English, but we can accept articles written in any language. If your article is written in a language besides English, please try to revise it yourself for spelling and grammar in your language so that we can make a final edit and publish it more quickly.  If you are not a native English speaker, don't worry.  Our editors will professionally revise your article.


If your article needs English grammar or spelling corrections, you have a few different options:

  1. Revise your article, and resubmit the changes.
  2. Ask a friend to help you revise and edit the article.
  3. If you do not have anyone to help revise your article when you submit, ask italki for assistance in revising your article. Send an email to saying you need revision assistance in the subject line of your message. 


Please check your articles to see if they fit these requirements. If your article passes each of these 5 requirements, then we look forward to reading it! Please remember that by submitting your article, you have read and agreed on our Terms of Service. Thank you.

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