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Plagiarism Policy


All of the writing in your article must be your own.


Plagiarism is theft of intellectual property. It is dishonest and unethical. Plagiarism can constitute copyright infringement and you can be held accountable.


If you do end up referencing any other works (books, news articles, publications, websites, etc.), you MUST give credit to the source. If your article is found to have plagiarized sections, it will be automatically rejected, and you will no longer be able to write articles for italki.


Rights you grant to italki

You retain the copyright to all articles that you submit to italki. When you submit an article to italki, you grant italki:

  1. Publishing Rights (first electronic rights)
  2. Archival Rights
  3. Editing and Formatting Rights

Publishing Rights

  • italki does not own the copyright, and italki does not have the right to resell content you submit.
  • italki reserves exclusive First Electronic Rights for the article globally.italki has the right to publish and republish the piece on the italki website, e-mail, downloadable file, and any other digital media.
  • Articles you submit could also be used in italki marketing materials.
  • All articles submitted to italki will give credit to you (the author), and will link to your italki profile page.
  • italki reserves the right to publish or not publish any content that is submitted.

Archival Rights

  • italki reserves the right to republish the article and keep it accessible by visitors for an indefinite period of time.

Editing and Formatting Rights

  • italki reserves the right to edit and reformat the final version of the article. italki will not change the meaning or alter the substance of the piece, but may edit the article for errors and wording.
  • italki reserves the right to reformat the article for the web, mobile and other applications.

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