How can I deactivate my Teacher Profile?

If you do not wish to continue teaching on italki, there are different ways to deactivate your account depending on your situation. 

If you just want to take some time off and plan to return later, please see the following FAQ: I need to take a break from teaching on italki. How can I suspend my teaching profile?

Deactivate Teacher Profile

If you decide that it's best to deactivate your Teacher Profile, you must first make sure that:

  1. You have no upcoming lessons or active packages with students. If still have lessons, you will have to either wait for the lessons to finish, or contact the students about canceling and refunding them. You must also terminate any packages.
  2. Your "Teacher Wallet" is empty.  You should request to withdraw your credits before contacting italki support to deactivate your teacher profile. The Minimum Withdraw Amount is $30 USD in italki Credits. If your Teacher Wallet has less than that, italki can still process payment for a fee of $5 USD in credits. If you agree with this, please write to us, and we can help.

Next, contact italki support and we will process your request to deactivate your Teacher Profile.  Please note that your "User Profile" or "User Account" will still be active. Instructions for deactivating this account as well are below.

Later, if you wish to reactive your Teacher Profile, your Teacher Profile information will be saved and you will simply have to go through the Teacher Application Process again to update your information and regain your profile.

User Account Deactivation

If you wish to completely deactivate both your Teacher and User Accounts, simply click on the link under Settings.  This will delete your all your profiles (Teacher and User Accounts) from our system.





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