I need to take a break from teaching on italki. How do I suspend my teaching profile?

If you want to keep your teaching profile, but don't have time to teach on italki, here's what you can do. Choose what is most suitable for your situation and for your students.

( If you want to deactivate your profile, please read: How can I deactivate my Teaching Profile? )

Please note that any existing lessons or lesson requests will not be affected. The changes will only affect new requests made after your updates.

Change your Availability

1. Update your Calendar

Go to Teacher Settings >> Availability

If you are going to be busy or on vacation, then delete those times from your Calendar.

If you do not know when you are coming back, then just delete all your times so that you have no available times. The calendar expects you to have a minimum of 30 minutes available, but delete all the other times.

The FAQ:  How do I edit my time schedule? explains exactly how to do this.

2.  Stop Accepting New Students

Set your Availability Status to "I'm not looking for new students now"

This will prevent you from showing up on "Teacher Search" list so new students can't find you or send lesson requests. 

However, your old students can still find you and book lessons with you, so let them know ahead of time, or leave a message in your "Status Notification" so they'll know you're away. 


To edit your Teacher Status, just click the "pencil" icon.



Now, choose your Availability Status and set your Availability Status Description to "I'm not looking for new students now"



3. Prevent Students from Requesting Lessons

If you don't want to accept or decline lesson requests while you are away, then edit your courses and make them "Unavailable" - this will prevent any students (new or old) from requesting these lessons.

Find your course setting here: https://www.italki.com/settings/courses

Step1: Click "pencil" to edit your course.


Step2: Check the course "Unavailable" and "Save"


Then the course are hidden from your teaching profile, no students will be able to request new lessons with you.

When you come back, reactivate both of those and there's no need to change your calendar.

Read more: How do I add or edit my courses?

The above methods will allow you to temporarily suspend your teaching status to take a break. You will still be a teacher and maintain your teaching profile using the above methods.


Notify students:

1. If you will be away

Leave a message in your Status Notification and Quick Introduction letting students know when you will be gone, and that you will not be able to reply to lesson requests.  For example: "I will be away from April 3rd - April 17th and unable to reply to lesson requests."

or: "I will be temporarily unavailable starting November 5th and unable to respond to lesson requests.  I will update this message when I return."

2. If you need to cancel upcoming lessons:

Inform your current students and cancel any existing packages that they have booked with you.
It is very important that you inform your current students that you will be taking a break from teaching and will cancel all upcoming lessons and packages that they have purchased from you.  Send all your students a message that you are taking a break from teaching and cancel any packages that you have with them.  

If there are upcoming lessons, please contact italki support with the lesson ID #s that will need to be cancelled.

If you are away for a very long time:

If you are away from italki, no login for more than 3 weeks, your profile will not appear on Teacher Search. This helps us direct students to teachers who are available to help them now.

If you are away from italki, no login for more than 3 months, you profile may be deactivated since it seems that you are not using it. If you wish to begin teaching again, you will need to update your profile by resubmitting your application. Don't worry: your profile information and lesson history will all be saved.

If you know that you will be away for a long time, you might want to deactivate your profile. Please contact italki support to deactivate your teaching profile, when you want to come back to teaching, just resubmit your application. All your information has been saved.

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