What Should I Do When I Want To Raise My Rates?

If you're wondering how much you should charge, please consult:

FAQ: How much should I charge for my teaching sessions? >> 


What should I tell my students? Below are our suggestions for raising fees while keeping pricing the same for your current and old students.

Please note that when you change your pricing, this only affects future students who book lessons with the new rates. Old students are locked into the same rate that they purchased the lesson under.

1. Contact all your old and current students to let them know you will be raising your rates soon. If they'd like to continue with your current pricing, let them know that purchasing a package will lock them in at the current rate.

2. Make an announcement on your profile page. For example, "On [DATE], I will be raising my rates. Please book packages now to enjoy my current low rates."

3. You can also give discounts for individual lessons.

Please read the below

FAQ: Can I offer my students a discount for sessions? >>

If you recognize an old student, when they make a session request, you can change the pricing to your old price.

4. You can read some more excellent advice from italki Teacher Austin Wood on how to raise your rates and earn more

*Please note you cannot modify a package price or individual sessions within a package (only standalone sessions), as we do not have this feature yet. (though this may change soon :))

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