Can I change the date or time of a lesson request?

Yes, it's entirely possible!  If you would like to change the date or time of a lesson request, follow these steps. 


You will have to modify the request first. Once it has been accepted, it cannot be changed.

Step One
Click "Change date/time" on the Lesson Request

Step Two

Select your new date/time. 

As a Teacher, you can select any date/time, even if it doesn't appear in your Teacher Availability Calendar

This is useful if you want to offer a one-off lesson outside of your regular teaching schedule or for students making special requests for a specific time.

Step Three

Confirm the new time/date

Step Four

Wait for the student to accept the new date/time change. 

The student has 48 hours (or until the original lesson time proposed) to accept your proposed date/time change.  If the student does not respond within the time period, the lesson request will expire.

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