I got a new lesson request! What do I do now?


Somewhere in the world, a student is waiting for your reply to know if they will have a language lesson! 

What should you do?

You should reply quickly so the student knows quickly if they will have a lesson or not.

Your options now are:

  • Accept - If everything about it looks good, accept it to confirm that you will see the student at that requested time. Hooray!
    • in addition, send a friendly message using italki lesson messages
    • add the student to your Skype (or whichever communication tool you will use)
  • Modify - If you need to suggest a change to the price or the time, do not accept the request, but first, modify it and propose these changes. The student will have an option to cancel if he or she disagrees with your proposed change.
    • Send a message using italki lesson messages so the student understands the reason for the proposed change.
  • Decline - If you are unwilling or unable to teach the student, decline the request right away. Now, the student's italki Credits will be available to make a request with a different teacher.

What you should NOT do:

    • DO NOT IGNORE the lesson request.  This is disrespectful towards the student.
    • DO NOT accept and then propose to reschedule (unless you have already talked to the student).  This causes an inconvenient situation for students.  Always propose changes BEFORE accepting the request.

Remember that when it's time for class, it's your responsibility to be on time and to start the lesson.

Student can schedule a lesson 24 in advance. Please respond the lesson request within 24 hours before the request expired. 

Now that you've got a student, read a few more tips here:

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