Do packages expire?

Lesson Package Expiration Policy

Lesson packages on italki are valid for six (6) months. A reminder will be sent to the student when the expiration date of their package is one month away. An additional reminder will be sent one week before the expiration date, requesting a reply from the student. If no reply has been received from the student once the package has expired, then all remaining ITC in the package will be sent to the teacher, minus italki's normal commission.

Although 6 months is the official expiration date, of course you can work with your student or teacher to set a goal to complete the package sooner.

Packages can be extended with agreement from the both parties.  One month (30 days) before a package will expire, you can apply for a package extension with the other party.  However, the other party must agree to the package extension. You are only allowed to extend your packages one time.

A "Request Extension" button will be displayed on the Package details page. Note: You must communicate beforehand with your teacher to agree to a package extension.

Select your requested duration for your extension (from 1 month to 6 months) and provide the reason for why you wish to receive the extension.

The teacher will need to agree for the package extension request to process.

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