How do I schedule a lesson with an italki teacher?

Watch our quick video about scheduling a lesson! 


Before you schedule a lesson, pick the type of teacher you want to learn from: A Professional Teacher or a Community Tutor. 

What is the difference between a Professional Teacher and Community Tutor?

Then you need to do a teacher search, and look at a few teachers that you think would be a good fit.  Each teacher is different so take time to read their profile, watch their Introduction Video and look over the student feedback. 

How do I find the right teacher on italki?

Once you've done that, we recommend these steps:

1. Contact a teacher 

Get in contact with a potential teacher by clicking on the Contact teacher button.

Send a message to tell the teacher what's your language learning goals, what type of lesson you are interested in, and also write a short self-introduction.

Extra Tip:  We recommend contacting more than one teacher, so that you can have a few options.  Some teachers may respond quickly, and some teachers may take more time.  You also want to get a sense of which teachers fit your learning style.


2. Choose a type of lesson

Once you have decided on a teacher you can choose which class you would like to take.  Each teacher offers different courses at different prices.


3. Purchase italki Credits

If you have not  purchased italki Credits yet, you will need to buy them now.  Click on the link to learn more about italki Credits.

Tip: Sometimes it is more convenient to purchase italki Credits ahead of time and keep them in your student account.  This makes scheduling lessons easier as you don't need to go through the payment process each time. 

4. Schedule a time

Then you will see the Teacher's Availability Schedule.  You will see it according to YOUR time settings.  Each member of italki sees their own schedule in their time zone. You do not need to know which timezone your teacher is in, italki figures this out for you!


This is very convenient and you don't have to worry about time differences.  


You'll also be able to write a specific message to the teacher about this lesson.  


You will see the price of the lesson in italki Credits, and be asked to retype your password to confirm the lesson transaction.  Once you and the teacher have confirmed, the lesson is officially scheduled! Please make sure that lessons have to be scheduled 24 hours ahead of time. This means that you cannot schedule lessons for later today, for example, as it is within 24 hours.

Your italki Credits will be held by italki and not released to the teacher yet. Only after you mark the lesson is complete will italki release the italki Credits to the teacher.

5. Wait for Teacher to Accept your Lesson Request

The teacher still needs to formally accept your lesson request.  The teacher has 48-hours to either accept or decline your lesson (or package) request.  If the teacher does not accept or decline your lesson request in 48-hours, the session request will automatically expire and your italki Credits will be returned to you.


Note: If you requested a lesson in 24-48 hours ahead of the actual lesson time, your teacher will have less than 48-hours to response the lesson depends on the actual lesson time. For example, if you request a lesson 30-hours from now on, your teacher will only have 6-hours to response your request.

6. Lesson Accepted: Prepare for the Lesson

When a teacher accepts your request, the lesson is marked as scheduled.  You need to prepare for the lesson.  You should:

  • Add your Teacher's Skype account (or other VOIP software). You will see their Skype details in your lesson area.
  • Prepare any homework that your teacher may assign you before the lesson begins.

We recommend that you keep in contact with your teacher by communicating with them often in the lesson messages until your lesson begins.

7. Have your Lesson! 

You're now ready to start learning online.  Here are some final recommendations:

  • Be on time.  In fact, be early!  Do not be late.
  • Be prepared on Skype.  Please check that your microphone is working ahead of time.  Do not waste your valuable time with the teacher dealing with technical issues.

8. Confirm your Lesson was completed and give feedback

After class, you can confirm that the lesson had been successfully taken.


After confirming you will be asked to give the teacher feedback.  Feedback helps teachers improve, and also find new students.

If you're satisfied with the lesson, we also recommend booking another lesson right away!  Keep making progress in the language.

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