I just finished my lesson! What do I do now?

After your lesson time has passed, italki will send a reminder to your profile ask you about the lesson. You need to tell italki that the lesson has finished and you are satisfied so that we can transfer payment to your teacher.

italki gives you 7 days to either confirm that the lesson is complete or report a problem. If you do not do this, then after seven days, we will automatically transfer payment to the teacher.

Just log in to your italki account, check your notifications, and choose:

  • "Lesson Completed" (italki will transfer payment to the teacher) Don't forget to leave a review of the lesson! Let other students know how they could benefit from working with your teacher.


  • "There was a Problem" (something prevented you from having the lesson) You will be able to say what kind of problem it was and choose whether you want to transfer payment, reschedule, or ask for a refund. If possible, it is best to discuss this with the teacher so you have agreement. italki will step in to help if there is a disagreement.


It might be time to schedule your next lesson! You can go back to your teacher's profile to choose a time for your next lesson, or share your progress and recommend your teacher to other language learners on Twitter or Facebook.

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