How do I reschedule a lesson within 24-hours?

Less than 24-hours until your session begins and you want to reschedule

Within 24-hours of the upcoming lesson appointment your lesson is locked and cannot be rescheduled until the lesson time has passed.  The student cannot reschedule a lesson using the italki Lesson Scheduler.

italki does this to be fair to the teacher.  italki teachers often have very busy teaching schedules.  You may not be their only student.  If you abruptly cancel a class less than 24 hours from a confirmed lesson, this is lost revenue for the teacher.  They lose that hour of teaching time they had previously prepared for.

Emergency Rescheduling within 24-hours of Booked Lesson

We understand that oftentimes emergencies happen and scheduling conflicts occur that are beyond your control.  If you absolutely need to reschedule within 24-hours of the booked lesson, you can do so by directly communicating with your teacher in Lesson Messages box to determine a new time. During this period, you must communicate with your teacher as early as possible in Lesson Messages to ask for their approval for rescheduling. The earlier you let your teacher know, the more likely they will be willing to approve a reschedule. 

*Please understand that a Teacher has the right to refuse a reschedule proposal within 24-hours of a booked lesson.  The teacher also has the right to claim the credits.

As you already have agreement from the teacher to reschedule in session messages, wait for the lesson to pass and take the following steps:

1. Click on "There was a Problem"

2. Select the reason there was a problem.  This will either be

  • "The Student did not attend the lesson"
  • "The Teacher did not attend the lesson" 
  • "Other" 

3. For "How do you want to resolve this?“ select "Reschedule the lesson"

You will then need to enter your password to re-confirm that you wish to reschedule.  Then the lesson scheduler will appear and you can select the time that you wish to reschedule to. 

As you've already received approval from the teacher for the reschedule, the teacher will accept your reschedule request.

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