What is a Package? How to purchase a package?

Packages are a guaranteed set of sessions that you purchase from the teacher.  Packages are good for both students and teachers for the following reasons:

  • Packages are designed so that you can schedule many sessions at one time. This makes it easier for teachers and students by not having them schedule each session individually.
  • Most teachers offer a discount to students who purchase packages. It's good for students -- they get a cheaper price. It's also good for teachers who can get guaranteed lesson volume.

If you're not sure about buying a package, then continue with scheduling individual lessons.  Packages are offered as an option because many students and teachers want a way to purchase and schedule multiple sessions at once.

Packages are great when you've found a teacher that you really like and want to schedule multiple, on-going sessions with the teacher.

How to purchase a package?

Step 1: Select package deal on the scheduling page.


Step 2: Choose at least one time slot for the lesson in the package, and then submit your request.

Once you've purchased a package, all you need to do is schedule the sessions in the package.  This can be done all at once or whenever you wish to schedule your remaining sessions before the package expires.

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