How do I change my time zone? Does the italki calendar adjust for different time zones?


How do I change my local time zone?

There are two ways to change your "local time zone".

1. Click the link to edit your "local time zone" on any of the italki "view time schedule" calendars.




2. or go to "Edit Profile" and adjust your "Local Time Zone" setting under the heading "Basic Information".


So what about Daylight Savings Time?

The italki scheduler is configured with Daylights Savings Time in mind. For example, if you scheduled a session this week (in "Fall Daylights Savings Time") for next week (which is in "Spring Daylights Savings Time"), you actually scheduled the session in the "Spring Daylights Savings Time". The scheduler knows when "Daylights Savings Time" is for every country in the world, and all of the times are configured accordingly when you view the time table. Your schedule does not change, and your sessions will be at the time you schedule them for.

 If you have read over the following information, your local time zone is set correctly and you still think there is an issue with your calendar, please email and report the issue.

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