How do I display OOPT results on my profile page?

If you have taken the Oxford Online Placement Test, you can view your results by making them visible on your italki profile.  Please go to the homepage and the edit profile section.  This can be found by hovering over your profile picture icon and clicking edit profile.

You can also visit the following link:
Once there, scroll down to the section entitled “Badges” located above the “Settings” section.

Click “Private” and change it so that your results are displayed publicly.

The OOPT badge will now be visible on your profile.


How many times can I take the OOPT?

You can take the OOPT many times.  In fact, many students will take the OOPT as a gauge of their English level progress.  Each time you take the OOPT, each score is recorded on your profile.  You can select the score that you wish to have displayed on your italki profile page.

I took the OOPT and I cannot find my results. What should I do?

italki must manually update these results from the OOPT test site to your italki profile. Updates are done once a day (sometime two days if it is over the weekend) during working hours so just be patient and your results should appear after the updates are made.

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