How does Instant Tutoring work for students?

With Instant Tutoring, you can connect with a teacher at any time of day and practice learning a new language immediately!


1. Click on Find a Teacher and at the Availability drop down box select Instant Tutoring to give you a list of teachers who are available to teach now!

2. Teachers available for Instant Tutoring will be listed.  Select the teacher you'd like by clicking on the Instant Tutoring Available button. 

3. A pop-out window will ask you to select the language you'd like to learn with the teacher.  Select language then click Next Step.

4. Select the Communication Tool (Skype, Hangouts, etc...) that you'd like to use and your communication tool IDLeave a message for the teacher specifying how you'd like to have the lesson. Enter your italki password.

Once you click continue, this sends the Instant Tutoring request to the teacher.

5. Wait for the teacher to accept your request.  Most accept almost immediately.  After 2 minutes, you can cancel the request or you can keep on waiting.  The teacher has up to 10 minutes to accept your request. 

If the teacher does not accept your request after 10 minutes, the request automatically expires and your italki Credits is returned to your Student Account.



6. When your teacher accepts your Instant Tutoring Request, you'll receive the teacher Communication Tool ID.  Copy and paste it into your Communication Tool Program to connect with the teacher and have your lesson!

7. After your Instant Tutoring lesson, confirm the lesson took place by clicking "Session Completed". This releases the italki Credits to pay your teacher.  Afterwards, you can rate your Instant Tutoring experience.

If there was any problem with the lesson, do not click "Session Completed", but instead click "There was a problem" and let us know the details and what you would like to do. It's best to also send a message to your teacher so discuss how to resolve the problem.

After 2 hours, the italki system will automatically consider the lesson completed and transfer payment to the teacher, so if there is any problem, be sure to report it right away.



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