Can italki issue an invoice / receipt?

To create an invoice or receipt of purchases or earnings, simply click on the below link and turn the page into a PDF by printing from your browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox).
For teachers that want to show a record of italki Credits that they have earned:

For students who need to print a receipt or invoice

First log into your account

1. Go to your 'Student Wallet'

2. Choose 'Credit Purchase History'

3. Select the transaction you would like a receipt or invoice for and choose 'View / Download Receipt' under the 'Action' column

4. In 'Please bill to' section you can put your name, details (company, address, comments, any other necessary information), and email address as you would like them to appear on the receipt/invoice and click on 'Save'.

5. Click on "Download as PDF" and here is your invoice! Print or Save according to whatever method is convenient for you.

Please note that we currently do not have the ability to print multiple transactions on the same invoice.
For step-by-step picture instruction, please refer to the following:
---Click on the "View / Download Receipt" link and you can print it out.
--Fill in the billing information and click "save". If you want to change the billing information, repeat the first step "View/Download receipt". 
--After you click "save" button, click on "Download as PDF" on the bottom right side. 
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