I made a purchase, but I don’t see my italki Credits!

I made a purchase, but I don’t see my italki Credits


Sometimes, you may experience a delay of up to 48 hours between a payment on PayPal and receipt of credits in your Student Wallet. This is unfortunate, but is entirely dependent on PayPal (which is also our credit card payment provider). If the delay is more than 48 hours however, please let us know so we can help!


Write to support@italki.com with the following information so we can quickly resolve the problem:


1. Registered email address :

2. Date and time of attempted purchase :

3. Purchase method / Payment Provider (Paypal, Credit card, etc):

4. Payment Provider transaction number (from your invoice):

5. Amount of italki Credits you wanted to buy (please enter the amount of credits in USD):

6. italki email address (if different from above):

7. italki user ID :

8. italki Payment ID number (starts with letter O):

9. Which country are you purchasing from?:
10. Any other relevant information :

( A screen shot of bank statement showing purchase or forwarding the payment confirmation email you received is particularly helpful)

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