What is Informal Tutoring?

Paid Speaking Practice and Tutoring is when a session is 100% focused on the learner to speak in the language they are learning. 

How is Informal Tutoring different to Language Exchange?

Language Exchange is when two learners teach and learn from each other. Learners spend 50% of their time speaking their native language, and 50% of their time speaking the language they are learning.

Informal Tutoring eliminates the need to teach the other person, so that you can have 100% speaking practice in the language you are learning. 

How is it different from Professional Lessons?

Professional Lessons are given by Professional Teachers, who have experience in teaching and who prepare material for your lesson. 

Informal Tutoring can be taught by any tutors, and thus do not require a teaching background, nor do they require preparation for the session. 


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