How do I know the quality of an italki teacher?

Teacher Application Screening

italki reviews every teaching application individually before allowing a new teacher to open an italki teaching profile. The applications are reviewed by italki staff who are educators themselves, and we accept tutors or teachers who we expect will provide good language lessons for italki students.

All italki teachers:

  • Are native or advanced (C2) level in the language(s) they teach
  • Are expected to conform to italki's Teacher Policies and Code of Conduct
  • Are admitted only after submitting an online application which is personally reviewed by italki staff.

Professional teachers on italki have verified professional teaching credentials.

Teaching Experience on italki

italki helps you to determine whether or not the teacher is the right fit for you. When looking at a teacher's profile page, please use the following indicators to help you determine if the teacher meets your requirements:

1. Teacher Rating scores

2. Written and video introductions, as well as background and verified credentials

Teachers write an introduction to tell students about themselves and their lessons.

They also record a video introduction to introduce themselves and so students can hear them speaking the language(s) they teach.

You can also check their previous experience, education, and certification. If you see a green check-mark, this means that italki staff have verified the teacher's certificate.

 3. Teacher Statistics and Student Feedback

italki keeps a record of lesson statistics.

Students also leave comments and public feedback after a lesson:

4. Teacher activity on italki (viewable in Teacher's User Profile)

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