How do I use italki to help my child / children learn a foreign language?

Many parents use italki to find personal teachers to help their children learn a foreign language.  We agree that an online teacher is the best way for a child to make rapid progress learning a language!

italki has generally been built for adults.  To use italki for your child, we have some specific recommendations.

  • Create a joint italki profile for you and your child

  • The parent should contact the teacher

  • Change your privacy settings

  • Teach your child the basics of online safety


Create a joint account

We recommend creating an italki profile for both you and your child.  

  • Use a username that includes both of you (Bob_and_Jimmy_Smith)

  • Use a profile picture that includes both of you (two people in the picture)

  • Your About Me profile description should be written mainly for the parent.


Contacting teachers

We recommend that the parent do all of the initial contacting with the teacher.

  • The parent should purchase the italki credits

  • The parent should select and contact the teachers

  • The parent should speak with the teacher to understand the language lessons

  • The parent should schedule the sessions


Changing privacy settings

We recommend that the user profile settings be changed.

  • Go to Settings → Privacy

  • Change the settings to not allow follower requests.

  • Change the settings to not be searchable by other italki users for language partners.

These are our recommendations.  These changes make it more difficult for your profile to be found by other users.  You will still be able to make friends if you choose to.


Teach your child the basics of online safety

Online safety is a broader issue that every person should understand.  There are many things to learn, but here are some basic recommendations.

  • Never ever post your personal information in a public forum.  This includes your email, chat IDs, address, location, etc..  

  • Be extra cautious with people you meet online.  They may or may not be who they are representing.

  • If you are unsure, ask your parents.

If you run into any problems, contact italki support immediately.  You can always submit a support ticket or send an email to

Learning a language online can be a great experience.  If you take a few precautions, you’ll make friends, and get exposed to a completely different world through italki.  Good luck!

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