What happens if I miss my online lesson?

italki considers that teachers who are not given 24-hours' advance notice of a student needing to miss or to reschedule a lesson have the right to request payment for that lesson. Some individual teachers may be willing to be flexible, so it's always best to discuss this with your teacher first.

Teachers put effort into preparing for lessons and making time for you. If you miss a lesson without warning your teacher, your Teacher should get paid for this lesson as you are at fault for missing the lesson at the agreed-upon time.

However, we understand that sometimes emergencies happen. In these situations, you must plead your case with the teacher and ask for their approval to reschedule the lesson.  If the teacher agrees, then you can reschedule.

To do this, you must immediately contact the teacher using the Lesson Messenger to verify that they are willing to reschedule a lesson.

After there is agreement between both you and the teacher on the Lesson Manager, click on “There was a problem”,

Select “The student did not attend the lesson” and provide additional details if necessary.  Also select “Reschedule the lesson” under 'How do you want to resolve this'?

After clicking on submit, your teacher's schedule will appear.


Go ahead and select the rescheduled date/time that you and the teacher have agreed to. After the teacher agrees to your request, your newly scheduled lesson will be automatically confirmed.

What if the teacher does not agree to reschedule a lesson?

A Teacher can refuse to reschedule a missed lesson if you missed the lesson without letting your teacher know ahead of time. In these situations, your teacher should get paid. To pay the teacher, simply mark that the lesson was completed which will transfer the ITC the teacher.

Reporting "There was a Problem"

If you report that There was a Problem, both you and the teacher will get a Disputed mark for any reason except a successful lesson reschedule (if you and the teacher follow the lesson reschedule process and have a successful reschedule this will not give you a disputed session mark).  Please try to come to an amicable resolution with your teacher before reporting the lesson as a problem.

If for any reason you do not agree with the Teacher, you can escalate this to a Disputed Lesson. Please note that this will result in a Dispute Lesson mark for you and the teacher so it's best to try to come to an amicable agreement with your teacher by communicating with your teacher on the Lesson Manager.

  • If you have agreed to proceed with full payment to the teacher: Select “Transfer the lesson italki Credits to the teacher” This will transfer full payment to the teacher.

  • If you have negotiated a partial payment to the teacher, select "Return lesson italki Credits to the student (lesson price)”.  This will give partial payment to the teacher.  The teacher must agree to this amount.  This will give you and the teacher a Disputed Lesson mark.

    • For example, if your missed lesson was $10.00 in italki Credits and you were able to negotiate a 50/50 split of ITC credits to the teacher, simply select "Return session credits to the student (0-session price)" and afterwards enter "5" for $5.00 in italki Credits.  The remaining$5.00 in italki Credits will be returned to you. The other $5.00 in italki Credits will be credited to the teacher.


If both sides cannot come to an agreement on how to resolve the problem, proceed with Dispute Resolution. italki staff will then arbitrate the dispute.  All italki staff decisions are final.



Lastly, if you do nothing for a period of 7 days, the lesson will be automatically confirmed and considered successful and the ITC will be transferred to the teacher.

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