What is Dispute Resolution and how does italki handle this?

Before contacting italki and entering into Dispute Resolution, try to resolve the problem with the teacher or student. This saves time and energy for both parties.

  1. Contact the teacher or student in the Lesson Messages
  2. Explain the problem, and your solution
  3. Try to come to an agreement.

Only if both sides cannot come to an agreement on how to resolve the problem, proceed with Dispute Resolution.

What is Dispute Resolution?

Dispute Resolution is when there is a disagreement that cannot be solved between the student and teacher concerning an individual session. These disputes are one of the following:

  • The student did not attend the session
  • The teacher did not attend the session
  • Other For example: Internet connection down, technical problems, harassment, poor quality session, etc...

Resolution: How do you want to resolve this?

Our Dispute Resolution system will also provide choices on how you wish to resolve the dispute. These resolutions are:

  • Reschedule the lesson
  • Transfer the lesson credits to the teacher or student. This will transfer the full amount of credits to the student or teacher.

  • Return session credits to the student (0 to session amount). This is splitting the credits between the teacher and student.

    For example, if it is an lesson that costs $10 USD in credits, by entering $3 USD as the amount you want to "Return lesson credits to the student" the student would receive $3 USD and the teacher would receive $7 USD in italki Credits.

Either the student or teacher will submit an option for "How do you want to resolve this?", if this option is declined by the other party, your lesson will become "in dispute." and will be sent to the italki dispute resolution team for review.

In dispute lessons that are "frozen" until italki makes a final dispute resolution decision. There can be no rescheduling and credits cannot be transferred to either party. However, you can continue to negotiate with the other party via your Lesson Messenger to try to come to an agreement.

Please note it can take up to 14 days for italki to make a Dispute Resolution decision.

How does Dispute Resolution work?

italki staff mediates disputes by taking a look at all the evidence and circumstances surrounding the dispute including. italki makes their final decision based on supporting evidence including:

Lesson Messages
The Session Messages history is the most important piece of evidence. Make sure that you communicate with the teacher or student using the Session Messenger.

Messages and Chats
If there is not enough supporting evidence in the Lesson Messages, we will look into communications between the teacher and student in their messages and chats on italki.

Who initiated the Dispute?
Lastly if there is not enough evidence in the Lesson Messages and Messages and Chat, preference is generally given to the student or teacher initiating the dispute.

Sources outside of the italki system (SKYPE Chat, Screenshots) will sometimes come into play if the above information is not sufficient.

Based on the above evidence italki staff will arbitrate the dispute. Outcomes vary based on the specific situation. The credits could be returned in full to the student, released in full to the teacher, split between the two parties, or the lesson could be rescheduled.

All italki decisions are final.

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