My teacher did not show up for / missed our scheduled lesson, what do I do?

If your teacher does not show up for the appointed online lesson, follow the below steps:

1. Check your Lesson Messages and SKYPE messages to see if the Teacher left you tried to contact you. Teachers sometimes have emergencies too. 

We advise that before immediately marking a lesson as a problem to give the Teacher a few hours to attempt to respond to you before marking it as a problem.

2. If there are no messages from your teacher, then select "There was a Problem" on the Lesson Detail Page.

3. Select "The teacher did not attend the lesson" (note the teacher will get a Missed Attendance Mark because of this)4. Select your desired resolution. You can "Reschedule the lesson" or "Return the lesson credits to the student"

5. After you submit this as a Problem, you need to wait for Teacher Agreement on the desired outcome. (Teacher has 14 days to response).

The teacher has the ability to Dispute this but if so, it will go into Dispute Resolution. italki staff will then arbitrate the dispute. All italki staff decisions are final.

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