How do I create my custom URL?

Every italki user has an ID number.  If you are using a free membership, then the URL for your italki profile is where the Xs represent your italki ID #.

If you are a Premium Member or a Teacher, you have the ability to set your own custom profile URL.

( Read about the other benefits of premium membership: What is Premium Membership? )


Your custom URL will look like something like:

This makes it easy for you to share your profile with others.  Whether you are a language learner looking for a language exchange partner or a teacher looking for students, setting a custom URL means that you can have a more memorable profile URL to share with others.  After you change your URL, your old URL will still work.


Before you change your URL, please note:

1) You can only create 1 custom URL. You cannot change your URL more than once, so be sure you type it correctly the first time.  

2) Your personal URL must be between 6-20 characters ("A-Z", "0-9", ".", "-", "_"), and cannot start with number or punctuation mark.

3) Capitalization is not important. If you type "John.Smith", it will become "john.smith" in the URL.  If someone types "", then they will still be directed to your profile ""

How to customize your URL:


1. Sign in to your italki account

2. Go to "Account Settings"

3. Click the 'pencil' icon next to "Personal URL" to edit your URL

4. Follow the instructions to create your own personal custom URL


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